If you are a landlord with tenants who pay their rent on time and cause few, if any problems, you will want to keep these choice tenants happy and retain them in your building. Having a good relationship with your commercial tenants makes good business sense in any economy and when each party understands and fulfills the expectations of the other, the resultant harmony is worthwhile for all concerned. commercial lease space contract

Be pleasant – it costs nothing and builds up goodwill. Smile and say “hello” in the hallway or elevator. When a tenant calls with a legitimate concern, do not act as if he or she is a nuisance. Either you or your representative should investigate and if there is a valid problem, fix it. If it cannot be immediately addressed, inform the tenant when the problem will be corrected and see that it is handled.

Communication is important. Have regularly scheduled maintenance and inform your tenants in advance so that they may plan for any inconvenience.

Maintain your property so that it is clean and attractive to existing and prospective tenants.

If a tenant wants to make changes in the space rented, be agreeable if the modifications will not be too difficult to live with. Be sure their lease clearly states that they must return the premises to original condition at their own expense.

Keeping your tenants is easier on your property. Each time furniture is moved in and out of the building, there are more chances of damage to floors, walls and elevators.

As we all know, there are many, many vacancies in commercial buildings and the competition for tenants is fierce. If you have good tenants, extend yourself to keep them as they help keep your business profitable.