The Importance of Using a Professional Tenant Representative

It’s time to begin your search for new space for your business. Perhaps your company has grown too large for your existing office or industrial space; perhaps you are seeking a newer and more modern environment; perhaps you need more and better services than your current landlord is unable or unwilling to provide. Whatever the reason, you feel it is time to move.

However, while the search for your new location is going on, business continues and you now have the additional pressure of a company move added to the normal daily pressures of running your business. How to handle the myriad details involved with finding a new location and negotiating the best lease?

The answer to your problem is to engage a professional tenant representative. VIP Realty, a qualified tenant rep, will take the responsibility of finding the best possible space for your business.

As a tenant of commercial real estate, you are not involved in the legalities of leasing business space very often and are probably not familiar with the leasing process. Your landlord, of course, would be very familiar with this process since he or she does this on a much more frequent basis. Consequently, it would be in your best interest to have a professional tenant representative such as VIP Realty in your corner to help you with the possible pitfalls of leasing business space.

What we can do for you:

1. Meet with you to help determine the amount and nature of your office or industrial requirements
2. Conduct research of the existing market and review our findings with you
3. Prepare a draft of tenant representation agreement
4. Based upon your needs, we will prepare a list of properties for your review
5. We will take you on a tour of appropriate properties, help you with a comparison of leases and narrow the list of properties down to a list that has most of the amenities you require
6. We can negotiate with landlords of properties in which you are interested and prepare Letters of Intent
7. We can help you by reviewing the lease package provided by the landlord of your property of choice, negotiate final terms on your behalf and execute the lease
8. When you make your final walk-through to check that the office or industrial space is ready for your occupancy, we can accompany you if requested
9. We can also assist you by preparing an abstract of your lease showing the terms and critical future dates

A common concern voiced by tenants is that using a professional tenant representative will cost them more in rent so that the landlord can pay for this service. Truth be told, the landlord usually already has added a real estate fee into the asking price. No additional fee will be added to the monthly rental and since you are being charged this fee whether or not you have representation, why not take advantage of this fact – and engage one of the experienced tenant reps at VIP Realty to help you save money and avoid making any serious mistakes.