The city of Southlake is an exciting, vibrant, and friendly place to live. If you are in the mood for recreation, shopping, a movie, or a bite to eat, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Southlake is a picturesque community that is home to an outstanding football team, cultural centers, and beautiful parks.

In the past seven years, the population of Southlake has nearly doubled. Fortune 500 companies are settling down into the downtown area of the city. As the city of Southlake experiences an influx of re-locators, there is a demand for new businesses, such as restaurants, shopping centers, museums, and more.


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Southlake Retail Space

The city of Southlake is well known for the Southlake Town Square project. This is a project for a huge shopping center. Two years ago, the Southlake Town Square plan was approved, and the original projected area for the shopping center has doubled because of demand. Not only does the Southlake Town Square project offer terrific retail space opportunities, but there are numerous retail space locations available throughout the city.

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Office Space in Southlake

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Southlake Industrial Space

With the urban boom in Southlake, industrial space is a hot item. The city government is offering business-friendly incentives, such as fee waivers, assistance with infrastructure improvements, and tax breaks. To find the perfect industrial space, contact VIP Realty for a no obligation consultation. VIP Realty is experienced at finding companies ideal industrial space.

It is predicted that Southlake will continue to expand. The Southlake Town Square plan is just one city development among many. Now is a great time to invest in office space, retail space, and commercial real estate in the city of Southlake. VIP Realty can help point you in the right direction. Find a great piece of commercial property with the assistance of VIP Realty’s expert realtors. Do not hesitate to contact them today.