Americas’ largest and tallest hospital at the time of completion, the first high-rise building with air conditioning, and the third tallest observation tower in the Western Hemisphere all have one thing in common. They all started in downtown San Antonio.

Sandwiched between two major highways, both residents and visitors have easy access to San Antonio’s business center. The close proximity to functional amenities makes this historic city the ideal place to do business. Here are three high-rise office buildings where you can lease office space in San Antonio.

1. Weston Centre

Built in 1989, this 32 floors of 498,136 square foot of space are the city’s tallest office building. This premier class A building is faced with Texas granite and limestone.

Weston Centre commerical office space for lease

The Weston Center boasts of a consistently high occupancy tenant base, who also get to enjoy ample covered parking. A variety of community events is often held in its spacious grand lobby. For special events, the terraced landscapes, and cascading waterfall plaza of its Riverside Gardens is the perfect spot.

The famous Riverwalk flows directly to the east of the building. Its convenient location gives it access to major freeways. The municipal offices, world-class shopping, and eateries are within walking distance.

2. Tower Life Building

Originally named the Smith-Young Tower, this 30-story historic structure was completed in 1929. The original design was part of a complex called Bowen’s Island

Tower Life Building commercial office space

skyscrapers – before it was halted by the great depression. This tower was the tallest building in San Antonio until 1968 before it was surpassed by the tower of the Americas.

The building’s designer Robert .M. Ayes got his design motivation from the University of Pennsylvania campus. The campus was then dominated by 19th and 20th-century gothic revival designs.

The tower’s irregular six-sided shape is due to the bend on St Mary’s street. It’s mix of brick and terra cotta details add to the tower’s uniqueness. The tower is topped with a 100-foot flagpole that has the American flag constantly waving. Local folk tales claim the gargoyles rain spouts are the faces made by the building’s original owner, as he threw himself from the top floor. When night falls, dramatic lighting adds height, and intensity to the gothic like tower. The building was placed on the national register of historic places in 1991.

3. Bank of America Plaza

In the heart of downtown San Antonio is the 28-story Bank of America Business Center. Built in 1983, the premiere core class A office building is the districts’ largest office building. Its location at 300 Convent Street is a beehive of commercial development, and employment synonymous with the central business district.

The institutionally owned 534,184 square foot tower features high-quality finishes and amenities. The first 23 floors have 21,000 square foot floor plates. They reduce in size as you ascend due to the setbacks and tired top.

Bank of America Plaza office space

Much of the real estate in this area is fast growing and lucrative. The city’s skyline may not rank as high as those in Dallas or Houston. But the humble city profile of downtown San Antonio is rich in history dating as far back as the 1920s.