The first and biggest mistake one can make after finding the right location for your business, is to negotiate the lease by yourself. Unless you are skilled in the leasing process, such as a practicing attorney, professional tenant representative and the like, you are in for an immersion into a detailed, tedious, complex and time-consuming ordeal. And, it cannot be too strongly emphasized that a lease, not favorably negotiated, can negatively impact business profitably.

If going it alone, you will have to read some thirty legal-sized pages of 8-point type drafted by the landlord’s attorney. Do you have the legal knowledge necessary to be able to pinpoint potentially serious problems with the contract? Do you have the negotiating skills to convince the landlord to accept a counter offer? Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can accomplish all this on your own without possibly jeopardizing the future of your business. Make no mistake about it, you need professional representation. You need VIP Realty. We are a team of expert negotiators, skilled and experienced in tenant representation, with the knowledge required to achieve the results most favorable to our clients.

For example, some of the most commonly made mistakes by leasers without professional guidance:

Underestimating the complexity of the leasing process
Accepting the lease at face value – Agreeing to all terms and conditions
Leasing a premises that due to appearance or location, does not match the image one wants to convey to clients; an investment counseling firm adjacent to a pawn shop, for example.
Focusing on the lowest rent and sacrificing convenience of location.
Overspending on office or retail space by miscalculating present and future space needed.

The VIP tenant representation team offers our clients expert leasing and tenant negotiation guidance that will be of help to you in making the decisions most advantageous to you and your company.