Regardless of what kind of commercial real estate market you are leasing in, you can always negotiate lease terms. It just so happens, though, that the current Houston office space market is ideal for tenants, as there is a great deal of empty space just waiting to be snatched up.

The art of negotiating can save you big on your lease, so don’t automatically dismiss the idea of negotiating. It can pay! You just have to know how.
How to Negotiate like a Pro for Houston Office Space:

• Don’t even think about using the building’s broker to negotiate your lease for you. The very best thing you can do, from the beginning, is to hire a broker and a lawyer, both of whom can help you though the potentially confusing process of leasing Houston office space.

• Don’t take the square footage numbers as gospel – measure them yourself. A miscalculation of numbers on your Houston office space lease could mean hundreds of dollars more in rent every month. Don’t accept approximate square footage from the landlord, either; insist on an accurate number so that you can best understand what you are paying for your Houston office space.

• Try to negotiate the annual increases for your rent. If possible, ask the landlord to place a cap on your rent increases so that you don’t end up far exceeding your rent budget in the upcoming years.

• If you want to rent Houston office space, but you are afraid that you may outgrow the space before the end of your lease, negotiate a cancellation clause into your lease; this will allow you to cancel your lease after a predetermined time and then pay for the unamortized costs.

• Negotiate the option to renew. If, upon renewal, you find that the market is lower, then you have the option to renegotiate your lease at that time.

• Negotiate down the restrictions on your Houston office space lease about subleasing. You want to be able to sublease the space, if necessary, during your lease term, so make sure this clause is clear about the right to sublease.