Grapevine, Texas is a city that knows how to make you feel welcome. Early settlers were drawn to the warm and inviting area of Grapevine. The natives of Grapevine like to tell new people “take your hat off, put your boots up and stay with us awhile.”

Anyone new to the area is automatically considered to be part of the Grapevine network of family and friends. Grapevine is home to five-star restaurants, fantastic shopping, well-known wineries, exceptional theatre venues, comfortable lodging, engaging cultural centers and fun-filled events.


The city of Grapevine has been growing, as re-locators realize that this is a great place to work and live. The residents of Grapevine, whether looking for fun, food, or a favorite spot, will find it here. The warm and friendly atmosphere of Grapevine is highly contagious, as many happy new residents and businesses are discovering.
Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Grapevine

Recent investors in Grapevine commercial property have been top Fortune 500 companies. It seems that each week, there are announcements of new restaurants and prestigious shopping centers opening. This is just the beginning of a prosperous flourish of business activity in the heart of Grapevine.

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Office Space in Grapevine

Currently, office space is in great demand for the entire city of Grapevine. The city government is offering tax incentives, fee waivers, and assistance with infrastructure to developers. The downtown area of Grapevine has a daytime population of over 50,000 people. This means that office and retail locations will have high visibility and foot traffic.

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Industrial Space in Grapevine

There are several great industrial space locations in Grapevine that are perfect for your next business venture. Find the best location to meet all of your requirements. VIP Realty has been working with companies to find great industrial space for years. Are you looking for warehouse space in Grapevine? If you answered yes, then contact VIP Realty today for a no obligation consultation.

Quickly, investors are realizing that the city of Grapevine is perfect for both new and pre-existing businesses. Grapevine radiates with a true hometown feeling. The city is conveniently located in between Dallas and Fort Worth. Grapevine is a ripe spot to purchase or lease commercial real estate. Find out more about investment opportunities in the Grapevine area by contacting the knowledgeable staff at VIP Realty.