The city of Denton is situated just thirty minutes away from Dallas, Texas. Denton is where diverse worlds meet. Denton is known for its quaint town-square, century-old courthouse and the world-class Texas Motor Speedway. Denton has a great “fun-factor” with dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Currently, the city of Denton is ranked the ninth-fastest growing city. The city is home to the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University. Named after John B. Denton, who was a preacher, lawyer and pioneer, Denton has been a great place to live and work from the beginning. People around the country are relocating to Denton for its warm small-town atmosphere with big city amenities.

With the urban development of the area, there is a need for new businesses. A business in the downtown area of Denton will have a daytime customer base of over 100,000 residents. Imagine the amount of foot traffic that businesses in the downtown area receive! If you are interested in purchasing or leasing commercial real estate, then contact VIP Realty today for a no obligation consultation.

Denton Office Space

Office space is in high demand in the city of Denton. Ever since Money magazine named Denton as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in America,” the city has experienced an influx of permanent residents, Fortune 500 companies, and tremendous commerce. The city government encourages and assists investors in the area by offering business-friendly tax incentives.

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Denton Industrial Space

With the city of Denton experiencing an influx of growth, there are numerous industrial opportunities. Investors can count on VIP Realty to find the perfect industrial space that meets all of their business needs. Denton will certainly continue to expand, aided by the city government’s fee waivers, tax incentives, and assistance with improvements in infrastructure.

The city government’s incentives guarantee the rapid growth of the city and an increased demand for industrial space. If you are looking for warehouse space in the city of Denton, please contact VIP Realty for a no obligation consultation. As soon as you contact VIP Realty, the company’s experienced team of realtors will be searching for a great location for your corporate needs.
The city of Denton has it all, including music, museums, art, antiques, amusements, history, hospitality and more. The hardest part of discovering the city of Denton is knowing where to start. The city will continue to boom as more shopping centers, restaurants and cultural centers open. This is the perfect time to call VIP Realty about industrial space, commercial real estate, and office space in the city of Denton.