Since Carrolton is surrounded by major rail freight carriers, highways and airports, the commercial real estate growth is immense. The city of Carrolton has over 500,000 businesses that are extremely successful. Thousands of businesses experience tremendous profit success in Carrolton because the city is a regional hub of activity.

The city of Carrolton is home to beautiful parks, historic infrastructure, civic opportunities, top-rate schools, safe neighborhoods, medical centers, libraries, bike trails, award-winning sports complexes, nature preserve parks, golf courses and more. Each week, new businesses are opening in the prosperous downtown area of Carrolton.

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Carrolton Office Space

With the boom in commerce that the city of Carrolton is experiencing, it is no wonder that office space is in demand. The downtown area of Carrolton has a daytime population close to 100,000 people. Businesses in the area of Carrolton are guaranteed great visibility and high amounts of foot traffic. This is a terrific time to invest in the thriving, vibrant city of Carrolton.

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Carrollton Industrial Space

It is no surprise that companies are interested in industrial space in Carrolton. The city government is offering incentives to developers, such as fee waivers, assistance with infrastructure, and tax breaks. The expansion of Carrolton will certainly continue, highly stimulated by the city government’s pro-business tax incentives.

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