The state of Texas is known for wide open spaces and big skies. The residents of Texas do not want to live anywhere else. Currently, many cities in Texas are experiencing an economic boom that is spreading to the job market and different industries, including real estate.

There are hundreds of companies that are investing in commercial real estate in certain areas of Texas, such as Austin, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. There was news lately of construction in the city of Austin, Texas.

Land/Creek Development is executing their plans to construct a eighteen thousand square foot building that will be used as an even mix of both retail and office space. The building will be a wonderful addition to pre-existing Austin retail space.

The building is being constructed on Anderson Mill Road, in the heart of Austin, Texas. It is predicted that Arboretum Park will be completed in January of 2008.

Scott Taylor, employed with Land/Creek Development will be in charge of the leasing of the property. The firm, Sixth River Architects, are in charge of design and building of the office/retail space.

Austin, Texas is becoming a popular area for relocaters, including professionals, students and families. The same can be said for businesses, as dozens of new businesses crop up each week in the city of Austin. This is the perfect time to invest in Austin, Texas commercial real estate.

It is predicted that the economic boom in Texas, will continue for the next two decades. The boom can be seen in projects such as this one at Arboretum Park.